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FLUIDS is an IT consulting firm dedicated to helping clients enable better decision making. With over a decade of experience in the Analytics &  Business Process Management space, FLUIDS offers its’ customers business intelligence, predictive modeling, BPM design and best practices for data driven story-telling.

FLUIDS guides their customers to an informed decision making through business modeling and analysis of their data.

Through the power of Business Analysis and Business Analytics, we solve many real world problems for our clients.

Our Project Management and Product Management Consultants helps you ideate, plan and execute your projects.

FLUIDS with a strategic alliance with KONNEKT ASIA Japan, offers global business consulting and export import facilitation.

how we achieve the agility?

FLUIDS think tank has a varied experience in both project driven and product driven environment. So based on your requirements, we set the direction of the approach to solve the problem and design the best possible solution. That makes us stands out in the crowd. 

Data Analytics
Project Management
Global Strategic Consulting

the lean process

At FLUIDS we follow a 4 stage process, spending more time in defining and understanding the problem and less time to finding the solution.






Our approach to our projects are often becomes the reason for the project success at the end. We phase-out our projects in 3 logical stages during the project delivery. 



/of the entire project

This is the process where we spend the most of the time with our client to discuss and understand the project.



/of the entire project

Here we translate the business problem into technology challenge and solve the problem with best analytical methods, modelling the data and developing the business application.



/of the entire project

This is the final phase, where we test the application and let the real users use it with the goal of reaching towards a zero-defect approach.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technology Officer


FLUIDS Think Tank consists of seasoned professionals with IIT & IIM backgrounds. The Heads of the Consulting Team has collectively 60+ man-years experience in delivering high profile IT projects.

LET US UNFOLD OUR disruption ideas

You come to us with a problem and we get back to you with an answer to your problem. FLUIDS is a solution centric innovation lab that loves to explore new challenges and dig deeper to define the problem in search of a solution.

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